As People magazine reports, Archie Harrison will receive a visit from Prince William and Duchess Catherine for the first time on Tuesday May 14th. Last week, the aunt and uncle of Baby Sussex were booked up with one engagement to the next.

Just one day after the birth of their nephew on May 6th, 2019, Prince William and Duchess Kate opened the Kings Cup sailing regatta in London. A few hours later they travelled on to North Wales. But now it is finally time for the long-awaited first meeting with her nephew Archie and we can't wait to see pictures!

When will Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla see their grandson?

Baby Archie's grandparents Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla were also busy last week and have not been able to meet their new grandson yet. This is expected to change next Thursday.

From May 7th to the 10th, the heir to the throne and his wife travelled to the German cities of Berlin, Leipzig and Munich. In the Bavarian capital, the royal couple even enjoyed a mass of beer.

Spending some quality "family time" 

According to a palace spokesperson, Archie was to spend the first few days with his proud parents, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry without having to have too many appearances or engagements. However, this quiet "family time" will not last too long, especially for Prince Harry who has many royal engagements lined up this summer. 

Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan and Baby Sussex

We have caught word that Prince Harry is planning on spending the next two weeks with his family as well and the entirety of August, he plans to devote exclusively to Duchess Meghan and Baby Archie.