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The Surprising Way Prince William & Duchess Kate Sent Easter Greetings This Year

Prince William & Duchess Kate's Surprise Video For Easter 2021
April 4, 2021 - 21:58 / Lucas Anderson

Prince William and Duchess Kate got creative with their Easter greetings this year. On Easter Sunday, they shared a mysterious video on Instagram that came with a surprise message. Fans also want to know who was behind the idea and if the children were involved... Read on to watch the video for yourself.

The Cambridge family stepped up their game for this year's Easter greeting. On Easter Sunday, Prince William and Duchess Kate shared an Instagram video with a creatively delivered message.

Prince William & Duchess Kate's creative Easter 2021 video

The mysterious video appeared on Instagram on the morning of Easter Sunday in the UK. As you can watch below, it shows a scattering of broken chocolate reassembling in reverse-motion, concluding with a surprise message...

"Happy Easter," reads the icing on the chocolate egg, which had been smashed by a rolling pin. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also captioned the post, "Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter."

The Royal Family's Easter in 2021

Fans were also eager for more details on the unique Instagram video — including whose idea it was and who made the chocolate. "Did the kids make the easter egg? We need more info," reads one of the top comments on the post.

It was also now the second Easter weekend of the pandemic era. Last year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared a photo of their lockdown home in Norfolk, sending out the same message of wishes for a safe and happy Easter holiday.

This holiday weekend, the Royal Family also released two new photos of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles on a nature stroll at Frogmore House.

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