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Prince William Gives Update On Prince Philip In First Engagement Of 2021

Prince William Gives Update On Prince Philip In First Engagement Of 2021

Prince William had his first in-person engagement of the new year and made sure to update the public on his grandfather Prince Philip's health. 

Big-hearted Prince William visited the vaccination centre in Norfolk today to say thank you to the staff. During his visit, he gave an update on his hospitalized grandfather Prince Philip. 

Prince William's Update on Prince Philip

While visiting the vaccination centre and meeting with NHS staff, photographer Arthur Edwards asked the Duke of Cambridge how his grandfather, Prince Philip was doing. Prince Philip has been in the hospital for 6 nights under observation after not feeling well.

Prince William on February 22, 2021.

Prince William answered Edwards with a wink and said, "Yes, he's ok, they're keeping an eye on him." This comes as a great relief as many were worried about the 99-year-old Prince Philip. Prince Charles even took a 200-mile round trip to visit his father at King Edward VII's hospital in London. 

According to Hello!, Prince Philip was able to walk into the hospital without assistance and was admitted to the hospital as "a precautionary measure."

William and his wife Duchess Kate have been checking in on the brave NHS workers and scientists producing the vaccine for the coronavirus since the very beginning of the pandemic. The pair have been grateful for the efforts at every step of the way. Now, almost a year later, The Duke of Cambridge was able to see the actual vaccination process and thank the staff and volunteers running the King's Lyn Corn Exchange. 

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