If there is one thing that Prince William doesn't care for, it is any form of special treatment. However, this can rarely be avoided given his life as the future King of the United Kingdom.

What Prince William dislikes about royal life

For this reason, Prince William found his stay in Chile at the age of 18 to be particularly pleasant. There, he took part in a voluntary aid project run by the organization Raleigh International for several months.

In an interview, he explained why he enjoyed team work with the charity in Chile: "I don't like being treated differently at all which is why I think I get along with these guys so well."

Prince William on a charity project in Chile

According to expedition leader Malcolm Sutherland, great emphasis was placed on giving young William the same experience as everyone else.

News of a prince among the volunteers quickly got around. Nevertheless, after a short time, the British royal was considered to be "one of the boys," as one of William's comrades said.

Prince William enjoys normal student life

During his studies, too, Prince William was largely on the same level as his friends and fellow students at the University of St. Andrews.

His peers were actually warned in advance of consequences if they turned to the press with information about William. But as Helen McArdle, roommate of Kate Middleton at the time, explained, Prince William was treated normally shortly after his arrival.

Prince William in St. Andrews

Helen said: "[Prince William] was allowed to go to Tesco, go to Safeway, walk back and forth to the library and no one batted an eyelid – and certainly even in the halls of residence, after the initial excitement of the first time he came into the dining hall for breakfast."

Prince William favours a lack of hustle and bustle around himself: "The last thing I want to do is cause loads of hype or problems," he said on another occasion.

Prince William and Duchess Kate in the public eye

Now, the Duke of Cambridge can only dream of such normalcy. In addition to his wife, Duchess Kate, he is almost always in public today.

Despite everything, the couple always takes time for themselves. Prince William even revealed to BBC Radio what his perfect couple's evening looks like: watching movies and eating curry.

The couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary earlier in 2021.

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