A new fear hangs over Prince William's complicated relationship with Prince Harry.

According to royal experts, the heir to the throne is concerned that Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan, will try to "own" the legacy of Princess Diana as they lead a life independent from the Royal Family. The sentiment comes after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex used an image of the late Princess of Wales in a New Year's message with their Archewell Foundation.

Prince William is concerned Harry will "own the legacy" of Diana

In an interview with the program Royal Beat, royal expert Katie Nicholl said that Prince William is worried that Prince Harry will "take ownership" of the legacy of their mother, Princess Diana, and possibly infringe on his and Duchess Kate's initiatives.

Prince Harry and Prince William honour Princess Diana at 2007 event.

According to Nicholl, William's concerns were sparked after Harry used a photo of their mother in his foundation's New Year's message, in which he also described himself as "my mother's son."

Nichol said: "I think William will be concerned with that, Harry trying to take ownership of the Diana legacy will be a problem."

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Mental health: One of Prince William and Harry's next battles

According to the expert, clashes could also arise as both couples address mental health in their charity work and initiatives. Prince Harry once worked with the Cambridges on Heads Together, but now he and Meghan are tackling the issue in their own endeavours.

Prince William and Harry will reunite for Princess Diana statue unveiling in 2021.

"But also Harry doing mental health, Harry doing conservation, these are the issues that William and Kate want to do - that's where I predict tensions," Nicholl said. "Heads Together was also Kate's idea."

This summer, Harry and William will unveil a statue in honour of their mother in the gardens of Kensington Palace. It was reported that tensions had been eased between the brothers over the holidays, but this could add another hurdle ahead of the meaningful ceremony where they'll honour the legacy of Diana.

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