Prince William is apparently already in preparation for the time when his father is sitting on the throne. The Daily Star Online reports that once Charles succeeds his mother Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William will automatically inherit his father's title as the Duke of Cornwall as well as the Duchy of Cornwall estate, which is worth just about one billion pounds.

Prince William will inherit the Duchy of Cornwall estate

According to the Daily Star Online, Prince William attended a secret meeting concerning this big change last week. They are referring to an entry in the Duke of Cambridge's official royal diary, as he held a meeting last Thursday with Alastair Martin, who is the Secretary of the Duchy of Cornwall, at Kensington Palace.

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Once his father is crowned King, William will take over the running of the Duchy of Cornwall, a large(!) private estate of land and property which will provide income for him, Duchess Catherine and their three children. William will automatically become the Duke of Cornwall once his father ascends the throne.

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