The Danish national football player Christian Eriksen (29) collapsed during the European Championship match of Denmark against Finland last Saturday and had to be resuscitated. An incredible moment of shock and terror for the players, the relatives, and the spectators. But shortly afterward, the all-clear was given. After the incident, Prince William (38) contacted the network and shared some emotional words.

Prince William on Twitter: "We are all thinking about him and his family"

Prince William commented on the incident involving Christian Eriksen on Twitter late on Saturday evening. "Encouraging news about Christian Eriksen, we are all thinking about him and his family. Well done to the medical team and Anthony Taylor for their calm and swift action. W" wrote the royal on the platform.

There were long minutes of worry and panic after Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch in the 43rd minute of the game. The professional kicker suffered a cardiac arrest and had to be revived. Fortunately, the quick reaction of the doctors was able to bring the Dane back to life. The British referee Anthony Taylor (42) also kept a cool head. Since then, many teams, players, and fans have wished Eriksen a quick recovery and all the best.

Christian Eriksen during the game between Denmark and Finland 

As the Danish team doctor Morten Boesen announced at a press conference on Sunday, the kicker is doing well under the circumstances. What a relief. We resonate with the Duke of Cambridge's words about the soccer superstar. We wish Christian and his family all the best during these scary and trying times. 

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