Prince William stunned some well-wishers outside of Kensington Palace by greeting them in person after they had been holding an all-day vigil for his late mother, Princess Diana. The vigil was held to mark what would have been her 58th birthday this year on July 1st. 

Thanking them personally

The royal fans became tearful as the Duke of Cambridge thanked them personally for marking his mother's birthday. He shook each and every one of their hands and said "I'm touched by what you do, you've got quite the collection" mentioning the array of photos, badges and flowers that were present at the vigil. 

Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Charles in 1983

"I feel very emotional"

Prince William spent about seven minutes chatting with the six of them, only leaving when crowds started to gather around. One of the fans, Mr. Loughrey said, "he shook my hand three times, he has a really firm shake, and I felt a beautiful feeling go through my body. I think I'm still shaking now. I feel very emotional," according to the Daily Mail

Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry in 1995

It was an extremely touching gesture made by Prince William and the well-wishers and fans alike could not be happier with the surprise visit. We are so glad that Lady Diana's legacy and memory will forever live on.