The Royal family has just released a statement explaining the lengths Prince William has gone to show his gratuity. 

Prince William Thanks 300 Healthcare Workers

In a powerful press release, Kensington Palace explained that Prince William has personally spoken to over 300 NHS members fighting the coronavirus pandemic over the last year. 

"Since the start of the year, The Duke has spoken to more than 300 staff and volunteers spanning the breadth of the NHS’s workforce, from all corners of the UK, via a series of one-to-one phone calls and participation in regional meetings via video calls. The Duke wanted to check in on the wellbeing of all those supporting the NHS at this time, and to thank them for the vital part they are playing in the UK’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic."

Prince William and Duchess Kate talk to a paramedic's family on the phone while visiting Newham Ambulance Station on March 18, 2021.

Prince William has been publicly thanking the efforts of the vaccine creators and his family have all been supporting the efforts of the frontline workers. Her Majesty The Queen, Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, Prince Harry, and Prince Charles have all been giving a great deal of support to those fighting the coronavirus pandemic. 

Prince William had even kept in contact with the vaccine creators since they first began working on it and lauded their team when they succeeded.

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"Through 62 calls to individuals, he has spoken to frontline workers in hospitals, GP surgeries and pharmacies; staff and volunteers involved in administering the COVID-19 vaccine; and those working in non-clinical roles, including portering and domestic services."

"Each conversation highlighted the phenomenal work carried out every day across the health service, including the provision of medical support to those recovering from COVID-19 or long-COVID, the efforts of non-clinical staff to help their frontline colleagues, and services delivering mental health and emotional wellbeing support for children and young people."

The Prince's wife Duchess Kate has also been doing her part. She creatively held a project to connect the UK public through photographs taken during the pandemic. The entire Royal family has really taken the tragic year and helped the public as much as they could.

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