The royal showed his appreciation!

Prince William Visits First Responders On Emergency Services Day

Prince William Visits First Responders On Emergency Services Day

Thursday was Emergency Services Day in the United Kingdom, and Prince William talked to some first responders in London! The Duke of Cambridge heard many heroic stories as he paid tribute to emergency personnel. Get the details on his latest appearance!

Prince William has officially resumed royal duties now that the summer holidays are over! The Duke of Cambridge spent Thursday in South London, where he recognized the efforts of first responders during Emergency Services Day.

Prince William hears stories from emergency services personnel

Prince William was seen wearing a blue blazer and button-up at Dockhead Fire Station while visiting with individuals who belonged to various divisions of emergency services. He shared the stories from these meetings on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's official Twitter account, recounting the heroic efforts of these workers.

As the royal mentioned on social media, what made the event extra special is how it gave first responders the chance to be "reunited with those that they saved." Among the stories William recounted was that of Ravi, a man who "remembered the RNLI’s ‘Float to Live’ advice and was able to remain afloat for almost an hour," which in turn allowed him to be rescued by the crew.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge speaks with Ravi Saini and the RNLI crew on September 9, 2021.

Prince William also talked about meeting a 5-year-old girl and the ambulance technician and firefighters who resuscitated her, police officers who rescued a young girl from an abusive situation, and a woman who was saved from a burning building. The royal has shown his support for first responders throughout the pandemic, even attending a virtual service back in September.