How she and Philip bonded

Princess Anne Back To Public Work With Tribute To Father

Princess Anne after Prince Philips death

Princess Anne made her first public appearance since Prince Philip's death. She visited the members of the Royal Yacht Squadron on the Isle of Wight and spoke about her time spent with her father.

Princess Anne (70) appeared in public for the first time since her father passed away. 

She met with members of the Royal Yacht Squadrons on the Isle of Wight where her father was once the admiral of the yacht club. 

Princess Anne shares her memories 

According to the BBC, Princess Anne shared her first memories of sailing with members of the club. She shared her passion for sailing with her father Prince Philip who was the patron of several clubs and the President of the Royal Yachting Association. 

Princess Anne's first appearance since Prince Philip's death

In a statement on the Royals' official Twitter account, the princess recently commemorated her late father. She wrote: "My father has been my teacher, my supporter and my critic, but mostly it is his example of a life well lived and service freely given that I most wanted to emulate." Princess Anne now appears to be continuing the work of her late father.

She spoke about her time learning about sailing with her father, "I was considered a bit too young and a bit of a nuisance. I started really with Bloodhound [a yacht]."

Prince Philip sailing with Princess Anne and Princess Alexandra at the Cowes Aug. 08, 1971. They were out racing the yacht Yeoman XVII for a £10 prize.

"I regressed to dinghy sailing for a bit, but then got a slightly bigger boat. Early memories, this was, days out were great fun. Events here and events in Cowes." As she perfected the craft, she and her father often sailed together participating in fun competitions thrown by the club. In the photo above, the pair were racing on the Yeoman XVII for a prize of £10 in 1971.

Prince Philip's funeral will take place at St George's Chapel on Saturday. Until then, the members of the royal family will be in a phase of mourning but will continue to participate in public duties as they deem fit. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has also bravely returned to work a mere 5 days after the passing of her beloved husband of 73 years.