The numbers are in: Princess Anne was once again the "Hardest Working Royal" in 2020.

The Princess Royal, who has a reputation for being all business, has come out on top for last year, according to data by Savoy Stewart and published in The Sun. They analyzed the official record of Royal engagements in 2020, including virtual events amid the pandemic, and Princess Anne led the way with 148 engagements.

Princess Anne is "Hardest Working Royal" of 2020

Princess Anne was ahead of her brother Prince Charles by just two engagements, at 146, while the Queen was third with 136. Here's the Top 5:

  1. Princess Anne - 148 
  2. Prince Charles - 146
  3. Queen Elizabeth II - 136
  4. Prince Edward - 126
  5. Prince William - 104

A Savoy Stewart spokeswoman said: "The Queen's commitment to lifelong service has been an example to her daughter Princess Anne and her ultimate successor, Prince Charles, who follows closely in her hardworking regal footsteps."

The Royal Family in 2020

It was an unusual year for Royal engagements due to the pandemic. Beginning in March, most events went virtual, and the Royals—including the Queen—adapted to video calls for charity, patronage work, and morale-boosting.

Princess Anne and the Royal Family on a video call in 2020.

In 2019, Anne was also the Hardest Working Royal, now making this the fourth-consecutive year she's earned the title. The Princess Royal also turned 70 in 2020, but age is just a number for the ever-busy Royal, it would appear.

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