The British Royal family are known to run their major decisions through the matriarch, Queen Elizabeth. Her son Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson ended up adjusting their plans after speaking with Her Majesty!

Queen Elizabeth Rejected Princess Beatrice's Original Name

In both political and family matters it is traditional for the British monarch to give her consent. It is also customary for the Queen to be informed of the selected names by the offspring in the royal family before they are publicly announced. 

According to The Sun, it took an unusually long two weeks for the public to be informed of the first daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Apparently, behind closed doors, Fergie's dream name for her daughter was actually Annabel. When she told the Queen, Her Majesty gave honest feedback: Annabel was too "yuppie" for her. "Yuppie" is a term for a materialistic, career-conscious person from the big city obsessed with financial success.

Sarah Ferguson, Princess Beatrice, and Prince Andrew on 22.08.1988.

But the Queen would not be the Queen if she hadn't also had a counter-proposal ready: Beatrice. The name comes from Queen Victoria's youngest daughter and luckily both Andrew and Fergie agreed with the name selection. 

Her full name is Beatrice Elizabeth Mary named after her grandmother and great-grandmother respectively. Royal expert Kate Williams told CNN that: "In the case of names, it is more of an informal conversation. Of course, they have such respect for the Queen that if she says 'I really like that name,' they'd definitely take that into account."