Adorable twins Princess Gabriella (3) and Prince Jacques (3) are inseparable, according to their mother Princess Charlene (40). During an interview with the French newspaper Point de Vue, the Monégasque princess opened up about just how close the twins are, in spite of their completely different personalities

Princess Charlene of Monaco with her son Prince Jacques

Prince Jacques is the reserved one, while Princess Gabriella is the fearless twin 

It appears that Prince Jacques is the more reserved twin. “Jacques is very reserved. He is sure of himself, but he likes to take his time doing things, to observe first and act later, and no one can force him to do anything, Princess Charlene said of her son. 

On the other hand, Princess Gabriella is the complete opposite and is said to be quick-tempered yet fearless. “Gabriella is not afraid of anything. With her it is always full steam ahead, Prince Albert's wife admits. 

Princess Charlene: "Jacques is the love of Gabriella’s life" 

Even though they are like chalk and cheese, they are the best of friends, much to their parents' delight. Gabriella and Jacques do not like to be apart from one another, something which quickly becomes abundantly clear when one sees them in public together. The cute twins like to hold hands.

Their behaviour has not gone unnoticed by their parents or the media! Princess Charlene said, "We soon came to realise that they are even closer than we imagined. Jacques is the love of Gabriella’s life." Their personalities complement each other and it is blatantly obvious that theirs is a truly special bond. 

And their bond is so strong that it sometimes even eclipses the one that Jacques and Gabriella have with their parents. "Our children are very independent and always make decisions together. Sometimes they tell us no, says Princess Charlene. With this much confidence and feistiness running in the family, it looks like the future of the Monégasque monarchy is safe!