The Spitting Image of The Queen

Princess Charlotte (3) is could easily pass for the Queen's mini-me! Prince William and Duchess Kate's daughter is the spitting image of her great-grandmother at the same age, not only are the her eyes and hair similar to that of Her Majesty at the same age, but the shape of her chin and mouth strongly resemble the Queen's.

Her eyebrows even seem to arch in the same way. Charlotte and the Queen both have light brown hair and Charlotte's cute bob is a modern-day version of the Queen's at the same age.


The likeness doesn't stop there however, both royals have a penchant for pink. Kate revealed that it is Charlotte's favourite colour. The Queen is known for her bold colour choices and often opts for pink when attending royal engagements.

The Queen and her great-granddaughter are also both horse lovers. Princess Charlotte sported a rucksack with a horse pattern on it for her first day at school and we know that the young royal has already started learning to ride. The Queen, too, is a keen rider and still rides out sometimes now, even though she is over ninety!