Primary schools in England will be allowed to reopen from the first of June, provided the health situation in the country does not deteriorate by then, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced.

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Princess Charlotte will be allowed back in school

However, initially only three grades would return, including the first grade or the youngest children of the school. This includes Princess Charlotte (5), who has been attending Thomas's Battersea School since last September.

Prince George (7), who is going into second class, will not yet be able to return on the first of June. A date when his class may return to school is still unknown. However, the government hopes that all primary school students will be able to return before the summer holidays start in July.

Strict Coronavirus measures must be observed in schools

It is clear that when school resumes, the minimum distance and hygiene regulations, such as washing hands, must be observed and the classes must be divided into smaller groups. However, if the coronavirus infection rate increases by the end of the month, the return date could be delayed even further.

On March 20, Thomas's Battersea School announced that it was closing, and since then Princess Charlotte and Prince George have been in homeschooling. On the same day, the government also closed all other schools in England.

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