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A Bridesmaid Of Princess Diana Just Got Married 40 Years Later

A Bridesmaid Of Princess Diana Just Got Married 40 Years Later

India Hicks, one of the five young bridesmaids from Princess Diana's wedding, got married this week! She tied the knot 40 years after taking part in the famed royal marriage of 1981. Read on to see the pictures from her wedding.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage didn't last, but royal fans still have vivid memories of the grand 1981 wedding.

You probably remember that Diana had five bridesmaids, ranging from the young ages of 5 to 17. Now 40 years after the wedding, one of the bridesmaids just got married herself: India Hicks. (She's in the top right corner in the above photo of Charles and Diana's wedding.)

Princess Diana bridesmaid India Hicks marries 40 years later

Hicks, who was 13 when Charles and Diana married in 1981, is now 54 years old. She's an entrepreneur, model, and designer, and she had actually been with her partner David Flint Wood for 25 years before their wedding this week.

Hicks and Flint Wood were married at a chapel in Oxfordshire on Friday. They also share five children together, and their son Felix walked his mother India down the aisle.

Why was India Hicks a bridesmaid for Princess Diana?

Hicks is a relative of the British Royal Family. She's the granddaughter of the late Lord Louis Mountbatten, a cousin of the Queen and uncle of Prince Philip.

Prince Charles is also a godfather of Hicks, who was one of five young ladies picked as bridesmaids for the 1981 royal wedding. She was the second eldest of the group, comprised of daughters of royals, peers, and politicians.

India Hicks, a bridesmaid at Princess Diana's wedding, is married 40 year later.

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