Chef Darren McGrady spent 15 years in the royal kitchen. He spent over a decade cooking for Queen Elizabeth II and in 1993 moved to Kensington Palace and became the private chef to Princess Diana. McGrady admits right away, that Diana was an awful cook.

"The Princess was the worst cook ever," McGrady said in the interview. "I used to work Monday to Friday and had weekends off. One day, she invited her friend over, and she was in the kitchen cooking pasta and a tomato sauce."

Princess Diana almost burned down the Kensington Palace kitchen

According to McGrady, that's when the drama started: "They got chatting away, the pasta boiled over and put out the pilot light. They went to eat their food, and later the Princess came back into the kitchen and she could smell gas. It was from the pilot light"

"So she called the Palace fire brigade. Monday morning she came and said to me, 'Darren, you won't believe what happened to me. I nearly set the kitchen on fire. But the best part was, I had 12 hunky firemen to myself.'"

Darren McGrady cooked for Prince Harry and Prince William: "They loved the burgers..."

McGrady went on and talked about the young Prince William and Prince Harry:

"They loved the burgers, they loved the hotdogs, they loved the fried chicken and cottage pies and things like that - but there was always that battle with the nanny about having their green vegetables."

Chef Darren McGrady worked for the royal family for 15 years.

Darren McGrady left after Princess Diana's tragic death

Darrren McGrady left the employ of the royal family after Princess Diana's tragic death in 1997 and hung up his apron. He wrote a book about his time and donated all the royalties to Princess Diana's charity.

"I feel the Princess would be looking down right now and her heart would be just beaming at those two precious boys. She adored the boys."