Princess Diana's cousin Diana Macfarlane is speaking to ITV about growing up with young Diana Frances Spencer. She even revealed Diana's childhood crushes!

Princess Diana's Childhood Crush

According to the Daily Express, the new ITV documentary about Princess Diana features her first cousin, also named Diana. In Diana At 60 she explained that the two cousins went to the West Health Girl's School in Kent together. Diana Macfarlane described: "Life in the dormitory, you all had your bed and your bedside table and then there were cupboards to hang things."

"We had our teddy bears and everyone loved to have their photograph on their bedside table. We all use to have pictures of various pop stars that we liked. The Monkey's, Rod Stewart people like that."

Then Diana revealed who her cousin kept photos of: "But I can tell that she used to have photographs of Prince Charles around her bed at West Heath. Sort of a childhood crush really. With Diana, it was always pictures of Prince Charles." 

PRINCE CHARLES, during an interview discussing King George III, 1976.

One wonders what Diana must have felt when her sister first began dating her crush, Prince Charles! And of course, how elated she must have been when the Prince pursued her instead. And how devastating it would have been to realize she was marrying her crush who was in love with Camilla Parker-Bowles. 

Diana has expressed that she fancied actor John Travolta and a former United States President whom she called the "sexiest man alive"!

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