Even today, over 20 years after her death, Princess Diana brings together the hearts of the world — her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, included.

These days, Harry is living in the US and has only seen his family twice in just under two years. He visited the UK for the funeral of Prince Philip and for the unveiling of a Diana statue. Now, it could be Diana's legacy that again brings her son back to England.

Prince Harry reuniting in UK with Prince William in 2021?

In December, Prince Harry is expected to meet his brother for a Legacy Awards ceremony with The Diana Award, according to The Sun. The event takes place every two years at the home of Diana's parents in Althorp.

The chief executive of The Diana Award, Tessy Ojo, also explained to the Daily Mail: "We're delighted that we still have the support of the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex."

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Both Prince William and Prince Harry, who now live an ocean apart, should want to be involved in this year's event. "Right now we're the only charity that has both of them involved," Ojo added. "It really is a privilege."

The princes will need to come together on planning for The Diana Award. Harry is expected to support his brother in a five-year plan for the organization, and Ojo said there are plans for an entire week of events.

During Harry's last two visits, the brothers spent little time together, though COVID-19 restrictions likely played a part in that distance.

The Legacy Awards will take place this Dec. 9. For Harry it would be the perfect opportunity to take a step closer to his family and, above all, to finally introduce them to his newborn daughter Lilibet.

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