In February 1981, Prince Charles and Lady Diana (†36) announced their engagement. The couple got married on July 29th of the same year. The whole world it seemed was celebrating the royal wedding - only the couple seemed to have doubts. There had been countless conflicts before Prince Charles and Diana were married, including the engagement reception at Goldsmiths Hall in London.

On that night, Princess Diana's black dress was the point of contention. Prince Charles is said to have found it unsuitable for the occasion. Lady Diana had probably already felt at that time that the marriage between her and the Prince of Wales was ill-fated.

Grace Kelly, who was also present at the reception reportedly had a mutual feeling. Princess Diana's biographer Andrew Morton also writes about that night in his book William and Catherine.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles on their wedding day

Princess Grace warned Lady Diana about her marriage to Prince Charles

According to Morton, Princess Grace of Monaco showed sympathy for Princess Diana who poured her heart out to her. She confided in her about her suffering and a previous argument with Prince Charles. "Don’t worry. It will get a lot worse!", Princess Grace Kelly is said to have replied.

She ended up being right: The failed marriage of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana was one of the biggest royal scandals of all time, ending with the tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997. Charles is now married to Duchess Camilla, whom he wed in 2005.