Always with grace, Princess Diana was once denied some flowers by a very tenacious two-year-old, and the hilarious and sweet moment was revealed on James Corden's The Late Late Show. 

While just a toddler at the time, Phil Collin's daughter, Lily Collins, wasn't impressed she had to give away her pretty bouquet to Princess Diana!

Lily Collins acted naughty around the Royals

Lily Collins wasn't your average little girl, and the daughter to pop-rock icon Phil Collins is reflecting back at a time when she refused flowers to Princess Diana, along with some naughty behaviour towards the two little Princes.

Phil Collins and Lily Collins 1991 

Lily Collins, who is promoting her second season of Emily in Paris, spoke with James Corden about the cute moment and went on to reveal that she was quite the misbehaving toddler that day.

Lily explained that while she was being held by her dad, the Princess leaned in to receive the flowers before having them pulled away at the last second.

"I'm giving Diana flowers, but the second she went to take them I then tried to pull them back," Lily said to the talk show host.

She went on to say, "As you can imagine, all the air was sucked out of the room. I mean, but then again, I was wearing a cute dress so who's going to really punish me there?"

Additionally,  Lily Collins went on to say that her dad did a lot for the Prince's Trust, and because of his work she spent some time with the two princes. 

She admitted that at another event, she threw a toy at Prince Charles' head, much to the shock of those around her. 

Collins also said that it wasn't unusual for her to do "naughty things as a two-year-old."