Princess Eugenie (28) is not taking no for an answer when it comes to her wedding planning. The pretty 28-year-old is pulling out all the stops in order to make her wedding just as festive and solemn as Prince Harry (33) and Duchess Meghan’s (37) celebration of love.

By now, both Princess Eugenie's maid of honor and the location of the wedding ceremony have already been confirmed. The pretty brunette will walk down the aisle at St George's Chapel in Windsor. Harry and Meghan also said their vows at the exact same location. Further, Eugenie - like Harry - will also invite the public to the wedding.

In addition, it has been said that Eugenie's wedding will be much bigger than Meghan and Harry's. The Princess of York wants to share her big day with 850 guests, which means Eugenie sent out 250 more invitations than the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Will Princess Eugenie’s wedding be more impressive than Prince Harry’s?

But that's not all - Eugenie and her wedding planner Peregrine Armstrong-Jones have even more surprises in store. Eugenie wants to organize an unforgettable and big party that will last for two days, according to the "Times". Harry and Meghan's wedding, on the other hand, took place on only one day.

The fact that Eugenie plans her wedding so pompously is unusual, since Harry is a much more important member of the British royal family. Therefore, many royal fans have their doubts about the 28-year-old's plans. However, Eugenie herself does not seem to mind.

She also annoyed the British with the wedding’s high costs. Millions will have to be spent on the guests' safety. Yet, the total expenses should at least be below those of Harry's and Meghan's wedding, as "Express" reports.