Princess Eugenie is known to care deeply about the environment, and her latest social media post is yet another example of her devotion to the cause! On Wednesday, Eugenie took to Instagram to share a meaningful piece of art in honour of Earth Day. As the royal explained in her caption, the orange and pink graphic of the earth she posted is one part of a set of optical illusions specially created by an artist for this year's Earth Day.

"Today is the 50th Earth Day and @serpentineuk have launched their 'Back to Earth' initiative, a new multi-year project that invites artists, scientists, musicians and more to make work that responds to the climate emergency we face," Eugenie shared. "The image you see here is called ‘Earth perspectives’, a new artwork conceived by Olafur Eliasson for Earth Day 2020".

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Princess Eugenie attends The Serpentine Galleries Summer Party on June 28, 2017.

Eugenie says Earth Day art she shared is about perspective

Eugenie went on to talk about why she chose that particular piece of art to post, explaining that it's intended to be an exercise in the power of perspective. "It’s comprised of nine images featuring nine different views over the Earth," she explained. 

"The work explores how maps, space and the earth itself are all to a certain extent construction, which we all have the power to see from other perspectives, whether individually or collectively".

She then mentioned that the orange and pink image she shared happens to be of one of the seven wonders of the natural world. "The first image is of the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland, Australia – the world’s biggest single structure made by living organisms, now dying due to human activity and mass coral bleaching," Eugenie said.

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Princess Eugenie attends 'We Day UK' at Wembley Arena on March 7, 2018.

Eugenie explains to followers how optical illusion art works

Eugenie mentioned that the other images in the series of Earth Day optical illusions could be found on her Instagram story. Then, she explained the series of simple steps for people to follow in order to see the piece's intended effect."To create a new world view… 1. Stare at the dot on the Earth about ten seconds. 2. Then train your focus onto a blank surface. 3. An afterimage appears in the complementary colours of Eliasson’s visual. 4. You have projected a new world view," she said.

As Hello! shares, Eugenie's social media followers enjoyed the optical illusion art. "This is where I live! Thank you for bringing awareness to our climate issues," one of them wrote. Another said "This is amazing. It took me a few minutes to watch and it’s mind boggling once you have the altered perspective!"

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See the unique optical illusion Princess Eugenie posted in honour of Earth Day here!