• Princess Sofia has three tattoos
  • The royal does not hide them
  • Sofia isn't the only inked royal

Princess Sofia is one of the rare royals to have body art! Even after she married into the royal family she chose to keep most of her tattoos, contrary to the expectations of royal experts.

Princess Sofia once had flower tattoo removed

Princess Sofia has three tattoos— a sun on the back of her neck, some script on her ankle, and a big butterfly on her ribs. Ahead of her marriage to Prince Carl Philip, some criticized Sofia's tattoos as they saw them as being incompatible with life as royals.

Princess Sofia

Back in 2016, Sofia ended up having one of her tattoos removed with laser surgery. As some fans of the royal may remember, her right arm once featured a flower! Despite the criticism Sofia has faced about her tattoos though, she chose to keep the rest, and has shown them off openly.

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Sofia's tattoos are certainly something that makes her stand out amongst the Swedish royals. However, she isn't the only member of the royal family who is inked, as Lady Amelia Windsor is also known to have several tattoos. And while Prince William once considered getting a huge back tattoo, Duchess Kate intervened!