Queen Elizabeth II will visit Balmoral Castle this month to "privately grieve" for Prince Philip, according to Daily Mail.

The Queen and her husband had annually spent their summer holiday at Balmoral, but she'll soon head there alone to mourn the late Duke of Edinburgh. He died on April 9.

Queen Elizabeth may see a Royal Family member at Balmoral

Though it will be a solo trip to Balmoral, the Queen will be accompanied by a small group of staff, Daily Mail reported. She may also reunite with her niece, Lady Sarah Chatto, while there.

Lady Sarah Chatto leaves Prince Philip's funeral in April 2021.

Lady Sarah, 57, is the only daughter of the Queen's late sister Princess Margaret and the Earl of Snowdon. She's known to be well-liked in the family and was close with Prince Philip, whose funeral she attended last month.

The Queen's Balmoral mourning trip

Since early this month, reports have said the Queen will visit Balmoral for a sombre and private stay by the end of May. Daily Mail, which is behind the report, says the Queen won't stay at the castle itself but rather the Craigowan Lodge on the Balmoral Estate.

Queen Victoria made a mourning visit to Balmoral after the death of her husband Prince Albert in 1861. The monarch lived another 40 years following the loss of her consort.

Should Queen Elizabeth II indeed visit Balmoral this month, she'd make the same journey her great-great-grandmother did over 150 years earlier.

The Queen has remained busy in recent weeks since returning to duties after Prince Philip's funeral. Earlier this week, she also attended the State Opening of Parliament for for the first time since her husband's passing.

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