The Royal family is sharing their strength after their beloved patriarch Prince Philip has passed. Work and public service continue as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles are spreading the word about a cause close to their hearts.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles Together For The Future

The Queen's Green Canopy has officially launched and is encouraging the public to plant a tree to mark The Queen's Jubilee! The 70th year of her reign will come in 2023 so The Queen's Green Canopy is asking the public to start planting trees that will come to fruition by her Jubilee!

May 17, 2021 released: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales plants the first Jubilee tree in the grounds of Windsor Castle earlier this year, on March 23, 2021 in Windsor, England. 

In honor of the project's launch, the Royal Family has just released a few photos of the mother and son duo in honor of a special cause. In the photo, the pair are holding spades to show off the work they did to plant a new tree on Windsor grounds.

The project will be marking where all the trees planted in Her Majesty's name are and are planting 70 Ancient Woodlands all around the United Kingdom. The project's site is hoping to teach the commonwealth "planting 'best practice', planting season, where to plant, and how to secure a tree." Her Majesty will be sure to light up when she sees the pinged map of where all the baby trees are.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II planting a tree in Canongate Kirk to mark her visit which was the first visit of a reigning Queen since the late 19th Century. 1952.

Prince Charles is known to have a green thumb himself and a great passion for environmental activism. His mother has also personally planted countless trees over the years. If you would like to take part and plant a tree for her Majesty, you can find the information on their website here

Queen Elizabeth II visiting Somerset


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