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Queen Elizabeth II Attends First Engagement After Lilibet's Birth

Queen Elizabeth II Attends First Engagement After Lilibet's Birth

A few days after Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's daughter Lilibet Diana was born, Queen Elizabeth II made her latest royal appearance! The monarch was seen conducting video calls at Buckingham Palace with foreign officials, and wore a special accessory. Get the details here!

Queen Elizabeth II recently held a global audience with government representatives from the comfort of her own home! On Tuesday, the queen was seen attending to official business at Buckingham Palace for the first time since the birth of the newest royal baby, Lilibet Diana, speaking to several foreign dignitaries.

Queen Elizabeth II wears special brooch during virtual calls

Queen Elizabeth II conducted the calls from Windsor Castle, speaking to several representatives from various countries. As Hello! reports, the monarch held an audience with both Agnes Oswaha, who is the ambassador for the Republic of South Sudan, and Alberta MacDonald, the High Commissioner of the office of Mozambique in London.

The outlet has also drawn attention to the queen's choice of accessory for these virtual conference calls! That's because Queen Elizabeth II opted to wear a beautiful and ornate butterfly brooch made of rubies and diamonds. This accessory has been seen before, referred to as a "wedding gift" for the royal.

Queen Elizabeth II virtually receives the Ambassador from the Republic of South Sudan, Agnes Oswaha, on June 8, 2021.

The day before Lilibet's birth— which Harry and Meghan revealed to be June 4— Queen Elizabeth II spoke to dignitaries from several other foreign countries, including El Salvador, Ethiopia, and Cambodia. She has also said that she's "delighted" by the arrival of Lilibet, who was named in honour of the monarch!