Now that Joe Biden is President of the United States of America, the Queen herself has reached out to him. Luckily, the pair has already formed a relationship in the past!

The Royal Family and President Joe Biden

According to People, Queen Elizabeth II has sent a private message to President Joe Biden before Joe's inauguration ceremony. The Royal Family had a wonderful relationship with the Obama's when Barack was President and subsequently began to get to know the Bidens.

Is Prince Harry friends with the next president of the United States, Joe Biden?

Joe and Jill Biden even formed a long term friendship with Prince Harry. Jill Biden was famously in attendance with Harry when he attended a Wounded Warriors reception that inspired him to create the noble Invictus Games. The Bidens continued to support Harry's venture and attended as many Invictus competitions as they could.

Joe even joked that he was jealous of Prince Harry and Jill Biden saying, "She spent too much damn time with Prince Harry!"

The Former President, Donald Trump seemingly did not form as nice of a friendship with the British Royal family as the Obama Administration did and Trump famously broke many Royal rules during his visits with the Queen. It seems the Biden's can pick right up where they left off. 

Queen Elizabeth II and President Donald Trump during a welcome ceremony at Windsor Castle in Windsor in July 2018.

Queen Elizabeth has personally met with all 12 U.S. Presidents since she gained the throne, except President Lyndon B. Johnson. She apparently met with President Truman while she was still a princess as well.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also released kind words for President Joe Biden on social media:

"Congratulations to @JoeBiden on being sworn in as the President of the United States and to @KamalaHarris on her historic inauguration. America's leadership is vital on the issues that matter to us all, from climate change to COVID, and I look forward to working with President Biden."

Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Wolferton Pumping Station, in Wolferton, Norfolk, England, 2020
Queen Elizabeth II visiting Somerset

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