Last week, the news of Prince Philip's death shook the whole world. Shortly afterwards, the first preparations for the upcoming funeral were made. Prince Harry also flew in from America. And with a post on Instagram, the family announced that Queen Elizabeth II will soon be attending public appointments again.

Queen Elizabeth II to appear at state opening of parliament

Queen Elizabeth II will most likely keep her appointment on May 11, as it is an important day. According to a report from the Daily Mail, insiders have said the grieving monarch will hold the state opening of parliament with her son Prince Charles. Previously, there was speculation that she would not attend due to the pandemic and her loss.

Prince Andrew has already commented on the queen's emotional state after Prince Philip's death. She is currently in an eight-day period of mourning. This will be followed by a 30-day period of mourning for the rest of the British royal family, after which the 94-year-old will fully perform her duties and return to public life. 

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Many members of the British royal family have expressed their sadness over Prince Philip's death, even changing their profile pictures on social media to pay tribute. Philip's funeral is expected to be small because of the pandemic, with only 30 people in attendance. There, the family will come together again after a long time— and hopefully give each other comfort.