Queen Elizabeth II loves making her annual trip to Balmoral, but there's a reason she has to wait until August to return! That's because as Hello! shares, the queen's Scottish residence is currently being used for another purpose, so she won't be able to stay there quite yet.

Queen Elizabeth II will return to Balmoral after tourists leave

Queen Elizabeth II's holiday home is currently hosting visitors for tourism purposes. Balmoral is a popular destination for those visiting Aberdeenshire, and will be open to visitors until August 2. At this time, the castle will be closed in order to let the queen take up residence there for the remainder of the summer.

Since Hello! reports that Queen Elizabeth II has already started her annual journey to Balmoral, the royal will have to seek alternate accommodation until then. Perhaps she will return to Cragowan Lodge, where she has previously stayed before. The queen's visit will also be a bittersweet one this year, since it's the first summer she is spending without Prince Philip.

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While the queen does not traditionally visit Balmoral until the summer, she made an exception this year while mourning Philip shortly after his death in April. She is expected to stay at Balmoral until the fall, at which time she will likely return to Sandringham, as per tradition.