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Queen Reportedly Not Considering Abdication As She Nears Age 95

Queen Elizabeth II Not Abdicating At Age 95: Report

For Queen Elizabeth II, abdication is reportedly not an option in the near future. There had been previous reports that the monarch would step down as soon as her 95th birthday in favour of her son, Prince Charles, heir to the throne. But according to an inside report by People, the Queen "remains fit to serve" and rumours of abdication due to her rising age are unfounded.

There is reportedly no end in sight for the Second Elizabethan Age.

Previous reports had speculated that Queen Elizabeth II would abdicate the throne to Prince Charles when she turns 95 years old — and that date is fast approaching on April 21. But now, royal sources have told People that no such plan exists, offering confidence in the Queen's present leadership and future as monarch.

Queen Elizabeth not abdicating at age 95: Report

For People's upcoming issue on the Queen, sources spoke to the magazine on rumours of the age-95 abdication plan. However, the outlet writes, speculation on such a plan "has practically vanished" because the Queen "remains fit to serve," even as her 95th birthday approaches.

An insider said: "Neither her physical nor her mental health are waning," while another close source added that she is "well" and "in good fettle." The Queen's horseback riding was cited as another example of her continued good health. All signs, then, would indicate that the monarch's record-long reign will continue through 2021 and beyond.

Prince Charles not becoming King in 2021?

So, there is now a promising update on Queen Elizabeth's future as monarch. But earlier reports had said that Prince Charles, heir to the throne, is "ready" to become King whenever the Queen's reign ends. He's now 72 years old and still intends to take the throne, and, like Queen Elizabeth, reportedly won't abdicate to Prince William when he accedes the throne.

Queen Elizabeth II turns 95 years old on April 21, 2021.

The Queen celebrates her 95th birthday on April 21. It's expected that she and Prince Philip will also relocate to Buckingham Palace ahead of Trooping the Colour in June and observe some form of the annual birthday parade. She'll also mark the 70th year of her reign in 2022.