Queen Elizabeth II is extending her thanks towards one particular group in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic! As People shares, the queen penned a thoughtful letter to the News Media Association expressing her gratitude for their reliability during this period of global uncertainty.

Queen Elizabeth talks about the importance of news media

Queen Elizabeth's letter was shared at a very special time, as its publication on Monday marked the start of the organization's 2020 Journalism Matters Week! "The Covid-19 pandemic has once again demonstrated what an important public service the established news media provides, both nationally and regionally," she began.

"As our world has changed dramatically, having trusted, reliable sources of information, particularly at a time when there are so many sources competing for our attention, is vital," the queen continued. "The efforts of the news media to support communities throughout the United Kingdom during the pandemic have been invaluable - whether through fundraising, encouraging volunteering, or providing a lifeline for the elderly and vulnerable to the outside world."


Queen Elizabeth sends her "warm good wishes" to journalists 

Queen Elizabeth felt it was crucial to recognize the efforts of the media because of the pivotal role they have played over the past half a year. As People mentions, the news media has drawn attention to medical-related issues, including not having enough protective equipment for workers on the frontline.

As for the print media, they've actively shown support for local businesses, created initiatives to help people connect with one another, and helped provide fundraising aid. They even brought attention to Captain Tom Moore's incredible fundraising walk, which led to him raising $90 million and being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II! "As you reflect on your achievements this year, and the challenges you have faced," the queen concluded her letter, "I send my warm good wishes to you all for a most successful and memorable week."

Earlier this year, the queen sent a heartbreaking note to the people of Nova Scotia after a tragic mass shooting— which happened to fall on her 94th birthday. She also thanked healthcare workers for their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic in a video message back in April! Read Queen Elizabeth II's latest message in full here!

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