On August 31st, 2020, it will be Lady Diana's (†36) 23rd Anniversary of death. On the occasion of Diana's 20th anniversary of death in 2017, the BBC produced a documentary about the week after Diana's death entitled Diana, 7 Days.

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The documentary included many interviews about Lady Di, including with Prince William, Prince Harry and former Prime Minister Tony Blair. He also spoke about Queen Elizabeth II and revealed her concerns after Diana's fatal accident.

William and Harry were the Queen's greatest concerns

Queen Elizabeth II's two grandsons, William and Harry, were most important to her and she was worried how the death of Diana would affect them. "She was obviously most worried, I think, about the impact on the boys. She was obviously very sad about Diana. She was concerned about the monarchy itself because the Queen has a very strong instinct about public opinion and how it plays," Blair said in the BBC documentary.

No public reaction from Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II did not comment on Diana's death for a long time and did not go to the memorial at Buckingham Palace. It was strongly criticized by the public at that time for her cold reaction to such a tragedy. Blair's words show that the Queen was still emotionally moved and was only trying to protect her grandsons.

"She was being a proper granny. What was the point of bringing the boys down to sit in London with nothing to do but sit there feeling sad about mum. Personally I think I would have behaved in exactly the same way," said the Queen's cousin, Margaret Rhodes (†91), in an interview with CNN, in 2012.

Princess Diana "would have made the most magnificent grandmother"

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