Prince Philip died on April 9 ​​at the age of 99, resulting in a difficult time for the royal family— especially Queen Elizabeth II, who is now alone for the first time in 73 years. Now, almost two months after the royal's death, The Mirror has reported that the queen approved an exhibition honouring her husband and his life.

Queen Elizabeth II has donated many items for the exhibition

Queen Elizabeth II has given her blessing to the exhibition for Prince Philip, which will see his life honoured through special artefacts. The exhibition was originally meant to be shown for Philip's 100th birthday and is also intended to raise money for the Royal Collection Trust, a foundation that looks after the Queen's royal tourism.

Since the coronavirus pandemic had a negative financial impact on the foundation, the hope is that the exhibition will help funds flow into the coffers again. "They’ve been pleasantly surprised by the queen’s generosity and what she’s agreed to be used," an insider told The Mirror, sharing that Queen Elizabeth II sees the exhibition as being "part of history." 

Maybe the exhibition will also see amazing secrets of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's history revealed— who knows! Shortly after Philip's passing, Queen Elizabeth II remembered her late husband with a brooch. And now, thanks to her, there will be an exhibition all about his life!