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Why The Queen & Prince Philip Could Soon Live Separately Again

The Queen & Prince Philip May Live at Separate Homes in 2021
February 12, 2021 - 18:48 / Lucas Anderson

Queen Elizabeth II could soon be living at a distance from her husband, Prince Philip. According to reports in the British press, the monarch will move away from her husband in the spring to resume duties at Buckingham Palace, while the Duke of Edinburgh will remain on his property at Sandringham. This would mark a return to routine for the royal couple, who had primarily lived apart for several years until they reunited throughout lockdown.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip remained together for the last year in lockdown, but they will once again go their separate ways in the coming months. According to the newspaper Express, the monarch will return to live away from her husband beginning this spring, shortly after festivities to mark the Duke of Edinburgh's 100th birthday.

Queen Elizabeth will live far from Prince Philip

After spending the better part of the last year at Windsor Castle, adapting to safety measures amid the pandemic, the Queen and Prince Philip are expected to live separately again in the spring, as they usually do.

Why The Queen & Prince Philip Could Live at Separate Homes Soon

As Express has reported, the Queen will leave Windsor Castle for Buckingham Palace, where she'll live and resume duties at the official home of the monarch. For his part, the Duke of Edinburgh will resume his routine at Wood Farm on Sandringham, located in Norfolk.

Although the Queen's official plans have not been revealed, she is expected to resume her royal duties after the celebration of Prince Philip's 100th birthday in June of this year.

Why do Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip live separately?

While the idea that the Queen and her husband live apart sounds mildly scandalous, it is actually a cautious way for Prince Philip to enjoy his retirement.

Since 2017, when he retired, Prince Philip has lived apart from his wife of over 70 years for extended periods of time, typically at Wood Farm. Without the possibility of meeting, they only communicate daily by phone.

However, this distance is thought to keep their marriage in good health. The royal couple even celebrated 73 years of marriage in November 2020, sharing a lovely photograph to mark the occasion.