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The Queen Has Reunited With Prince Philip Ahead Of New Lockdown Measures

The Queen Rejoins Prince Philip Ahead Of New England Lockdown
November 1, 2020 - 18:48 / Lucas Anderson

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were reportedly able to reunite this week ahead of new lockdown measures. According to Mail on Sunday, the Queen travelled to the Sandringham Estate on Thursday for a visit with the Duke of Edinburgh, after nearly a month apart. It's thought the Queen's stay will not be an extended one, as she'll soon return to Windsor Castle. England's second lockdown takes effect on Nov. 5.

Queen Elizabeth II rejoined Prince Philip at the Sandringham Estate this week, as the married couple of 72 years reunited ahead of England's impending lockdown.

According to Mail on Sunday, the Queen left Windsor Castle on Thursday for Sandringham, where she's remained through the weekend. It'll be a brief stay, however, as the Queen is expected to return to Windsor Castle prior to the second lockdown.

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip reunited ahead of lockdown

The new report says the Queen and Prince Philip's reunion will end early next week, in line with the lockdown that begins on Thursday, Nov. 5. Before then, the 94-year-old monarch will head back to Windsor Castle, where she's spent the majority of her time amid the pandemic. 

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh had been together in lockdown from March until early October, when Her Majesty last returned to Windsor Castle and Philip remained at Wood Farm in Norfolk.

But this week, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the new one-month lockdown measures in England, which start Nov. 5 and last until at least Dec. 2. 

Queen & Prince Philip celebrate 73 years married on Nov. 20

The news of the Queen's visit to Wood Farm—and the impending lockdown—appears to confirm that she and Philip will be apart when their 73rd wedding anniversary falls in late November. They were married on Nov. 20, 1947, celebrating their platinum anniversary in 2017.

The Queen and Prince Philip reunited at Sandringham before lockdown

In the earlier lockdown, the royals had spent an uncommon amount of time together over a six-month period at Windsor Castle, then Balmoral Castle, and finally the Sandringham Estate—until the Queen returned to Windsor Castle again in early October. Wood Farm has been the Duke's primary home, often away from the Queen, since he retired in 2017.

The Queen recently joined Prince William for a rare public outing, but it appears such events will not proceed over the next month amid the second lockdown.