Queen Elizabeth II attended the opening of the Welsh Parliament on Oct. 14. Her son, Prince Charles, and his wife, Duchess Camilla, joined her for the occasion.

At this appointment, the monarch once again proved how stylish she is and impressed with an elegant coat and a matching hat in light pink.

Queen Elizabeth II shines not only with her look

In addition, one detail stood out in particular: the Queen has a walking stick with her. A few days ago, she appeared in public for the first time in many years with a walking stick.

Queen Elizabeth II on the move with a walking stick

As early as 2003 and 2004, after she had an operation on her knee, she was seen with a walking aid. Now the Queen has gone back to using a stick for non-medical reasons.

The British press has noted the walking stick is simply for "support." And the Queen adds it to her look effortlessly. 

At her engagement in Wales, the monarch impressed with her appearance and looked to be in a good mood with a beaming smile.

The Queen had a radiant smile in Wales with Charles and Camilla.

Nice to see the 95-year-old can laugh heartily and get along well after the loss of her husband Prince Philip now six months ago.