Where he spent his final years

The Queen Visits Place Special To Prince Philip On Secret Weekend Trip

The Queen Visits Place Special To Prince Philip On Secret Weekend Trip

This weekend, Queen Elizabeth II was seen visiting a site that was special to her late husband Prince Philip. The Queen made a secret trip to Sandringham on Friday, and she was photographed driving on the estate and visiting Wood Farm, where the Duke of Edinburgh spent much of his time in his final years.

The Queen likely had her late husband on her mind this weekend as she paid a secret visit to Sandringham.

Today, Queen Elizabeth was photographed on an unannounced visit to the Sandringham Estate, which is typically her holiday residence. While there, she was also seen visiting Wood Farm, a location with special significance to Prince Philip.

Queen Elizabeth visits Prince Philip's Wood Farm on secret trip

Wood Farm is a cottage on the Sandringham Estate. When Prince Philip retired in 2017, he chose to live at Wood Farm for the majority of his final four years.

Hello! describes the five-bedroom cottage as a "secluded farmhouse" where the retired Duke enjoyed quiet activities such as painting and reading. He had retired at age 96.

Tributes left at Wood Farm after Prince Philip's death in 2021.

Prince Philip ultimately had to leave Wood Farm, at Sandringham, in the early moments of the coronavirus outbreak in 2020.

He spent his final year at Windsor Castle with the Queen, before he was hospitalized with a heart issue and later passed away from "old age" on April 9, 2021.

The Queen's secret visit to Sandringham and Wood Farm

Daily Mail, which shared today's photos of the Queen in Sandringham, reported that she was there this weekend on an unannounced four-day trip.

She flew into Norfolk on Friday and will return to Windsor on Monday. While there, she has also visited the horses at the Commodore Yard Stables.

It's the Queen's first time staying away from Windsor Castle since Prince Philip died three months ago. They were married for 73 years.