Princess Estelle (7) and Princess Leonore (5) are cousins, and they love playing together and get along very well. But the older they get, the more they are realizing how different their lives really are.

Princess Estelle is being prepared for the throne

Princess Estelle has been attending the primary school of Campus Manilla since fall of 2019. Meanwhile, her royal education has already begun as well. Princess Victoria (42) and Prince Daniel (46) brought her along on their royal engagements early on, so that she can get used to the protocol and everything it entails.

By now, even smiling and putting on a brave face when she is tired is no problem for the seven-year-old. Estelle has spent the last few years with her mother, and sometimes with her grandparents, in the Royal Treasury, the Bernadotte Library and even in the Royal Household Appliances Chamber - she's really growing up soaking up the history of the royal house she will be representing one day.

Princess Leonore does not know she's a royal

Princess Leonore, on the other hand, does not even know that she is a royal, as Princess Madeleine (37) revealed when speaking to the magazine Mama in December of 2019.

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"[...] For now they can live in their little bubble, in their little world without titles," she explained. Her children will realize that they are royal anyway, according to Madeleine: "I think it will come about quite naturally. [...] That's what it was like for me too."

King Carl Gustaf (73) has actually also revoked Madeleine's children's titles of "His/Her Royal Highness", but they remain Prince and Princesses.

Princess Estelle is a star in Sweden

Leonore goes to pre-school in Miami, and spends her free time taking ballet classes. Her cousin Estelle, on the other hand, loves horseback riding and all kinds of sports.

Estelle has already gotten used to the fact that she is constantly being recognized, for example when she was having pizza with her father Daniel in Stockholm.

Leonore, on the other hand, can easily go outside and play in the park in Miami. Estelle can only do that when she's on vacation, always well protected by bodyguards...

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