They'll be taking turns to see her!

Royal Family Schedule Visits With Queen Elizabeth II For The Week

Royal Family Schedule Visits With Queen Elizabeth II For The Week

During her birthday week, the royal family has arranged to spend time with Queen Elizabeth II! It's been reported that several women in the family created the plan, which will adhere to social distancing guidelines. Here's what we know about the arrangement!

Queen Elizabeth II will be receiving visits from some of her loved ones ahead of her birthday! On Sunday, it was reported that several members of the royal family have made arrangements to come and see the monarch at her home over the next few days.

The royal family have planned to alternate visits with the queen

The royal family's decision to spend time with the queen comes a few days after Prince Philip's funeral. While her birthday is approaching, Queen Elizabeth II is still mourning the loss of her late husband. That's why several people close to her are showing up to be with her during this time.

As The Mirror has shared, Duchess Camilla, Princess Anne, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex came together to propose the scheduled visitation. Duchess Kate is said to have put her support behind the plan as well. And to ensure safety protocol is followed, all family members visiting the queen will be doing so on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Duchess Kate shows Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William their specially created garden

The royal family likely to go on walks with queen and her dogs

The royal family may even join Queen Elizabeth II in one of her favourite activities— walking her dogs! The queen has two new corgis, and many sources have shared that she enjoys taking them for walks near her home. A day before Prince Philip's funeral, she was seen stepping out to walk the pups at Frogmore Gardens.

However, one royal who won't be able to visit the queen at Windsor Castle during this time is Prince Harry. That's because the Duke of Sussex is currently flying back to the United States after briefly returning to the United Kingdom to honour his late grandfather's life.