• Sophie Wessex is in New York
  • She may have broken a royal rule
  • Sophie wore coloured nail polish

The Royal Family follows many rules that may seem strange to the rest of us.

From etiquette to fashion and even closing car doors, the royals always have rules on the mind. And it looks like Sophie, Countess of Wessex just violated a rule supposedly enforced by Queen Elizabeth.

Did Sophie Wessex violate the royal nail polish rule?

Sophie, wife of Prince Edward, was visiting New York this week. The well-dressed royal stepped out in a black outfit complemented by dark nail polish. But the royals have an apparent rule about coloured nail polish.

The Queen is said to allow only clear or delicate pink on the nails of royal ladies. Sophie is now making headlines as she appears to have broken protocol — with nails painted a very dark red. (You can see the look by clicking through the pictures below.)

We recently took a look at the royal nail polish rule. Queen Elizabeth abides by it herself and Duchess Kate follows her lead, even doing so on her wedding day. Experts have told OK! that the Queen exclusively wears a neutral pink varnish by Essie.

Also interesting:

But does the rule apply to Sophie Wessex? As the wife of the Queen's youngest son, Sophie is not in line to the throne, but she does often represent the Royal Family in public.

Express has branded her nail polish choice a "slight slip on royal protocol," but the Mirror questions if the rule exists at all seeing as Sophie is openly flouting it.

In any case, this much remains true: you never see the Queen or Kate with coloured nails.