It's been four weeks since Prince Philip (99) was admitted to a London clinic because of his concerning health issues. The husband of Queen Elizabeth II (94) was admitted to the King Edward VII Hospital on February 16, transferred to the St. Bartholomew Clinic, and is now finally leaving safely.

Prince Philip Leaves Hospital

Luckily, Prince Philip seems to be doing well again! London outlets have taken photos that show the British Royal leaving the clinic. According to Hello!, leaning on a helper, he gets into a car and did not need an ambulance.

Before that, British citizens and the Royal family were worried about their Patriarch. Philip was in the hospital after an infection and "feeling unwell". He was then transferred to top hospital King Edward VII where he underwent an operation for his underlying heart issues.

Prince Philip leaves on March 16 the hospital in London

Apparently, he has now come out of the operation well and can return home! Luckily he did not catch the coronavirus as he and the Queen were vaccinated months prior.

The Royal family can now breathe a bit easier and prepare for Prince Philip's 100th birthday in June!

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In 1939, the two met again at a Royal Navy College event where Elizabeth said she fell in love with Philip. How old were they respectively?