The Markles have certainly caused quite a stir of late and the scandals keep on coming! Whether it be paparazzi photos of Duchess Meghan's (37) father, Meghan's half-sister accusing the Duchess of being greedy and arrogant, or the arrest of her half-brother, the world's media just loves a good royal scandal.

Embarrassing Royal Families

Duchess Meghan is by no means the only one to have to endure this kind of embarrassment though. As the Swedish magazine Svensk Damtidning has pointed out, Duchess Catherine's (36) uncle, Gary Goldsmith, is also known for his bad behaviour. He is most certainly the black sheep of the Middleton family, having been charged with having assaulted his wife at their family home.

The other royal families don't always have it easy either. Crown Princess Mette-Marit's (44) father, Sven Höiby (†70), used to cause quite a bit of trouble for his daughter. While he was estranged from the Norwegian royal family for many years, Mette and her father reconciled shortly before his death.  

The List Goes On...

Prince Laurent (54), brother of King Philippe (58) of Belgium, has embarrassed his entire family countless times. Iñaki Urdangarín (50), brother-in-law to Spain's King Felipe (50), is currently in prison for corruption. Prince Ernst August von Hannover (64) made headlines with his numerous drunk antics. 

Ari Behn (45) was the enfant terrible of the Norwegian art scene when Princess Märtha Louise of Norway (46) fell in love with him. Her father, King Harald (81), embraced their relationship however, and Ari Behn became an accepted member of the family.