Royal Scandals Quiz

Princess Diana breaks a sugar glass bottle over her husband's head at Pinewood Studios to watch the making of the latest James Bond films on 11 December 1986.
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March 26, 2022 - 04:10 pm / Anna Valenzuela Rosas

Every royal family has its scandals - some more salacious, some less so. Do you remember what the citizens were upset about?

Royal Scandals: The Ultimate Quiz

The life of the royals should actually be like a fairy tale and of course, the drama is never missing. Over the years we have had a few royal scandals unfolding leaving citizens in suspense. In 2021, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan caused a sensation in a major scandalous interview. 

But Harry and Meghan are far from the first Royals to be tabloid fodder, and they most certainly won't be the last! Are you real royal experts? Then you probably know your way around the scandals very well. Prove it here in the quiz!