Most of the royal family have either condemned the series The Crown or have made sure to label it as fiction. But not Fergie! She is proud to be featured in it!

Sarah Ferguson Wanted To Be A Part Of The Crown

Sarah Ferguson has been pretty vocal as of late now that she has found herself during the pandemic and is promoting her new book. While speaking about her experience in post-royal life she opened up about a surprising effort she made!

The Duchess of York is a fan of the hit Netflix series about the royal family, The Crown. And because she is such a big fan, she personally reached out to the producers of the series!

Fergie told Town & Country she was a bit upset that her character portrayed by Jessica Aquilina was featured in only a few small moments of the new season. "Hello? Where is Fergie?"

'The Crown' Season 4.

She then admitted she personally wrote to executive producer Andy Harries to offer her personal insight and input. "I said to him, 'Why can't I help my character?'" Apparently, The Crown producer politely declined her offer.

Although she was rejected by The Crown, she admitted to still being a fan of the show. She said: "It was filmed beautifully. The cinematography was excellent!"

Her sentiments are quite the opposite of what the current members of the royal family feel. Princess Diana's brother Charles Spencer and Buckingham Palace would like the series to have a preface to the series explaining that it is merely a fictional adaptation

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An easy one: Which brother is older?