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Never Before Seen Photo Shows Princess Diana as a Child

See Princess Diana & Brother Charles in Childhood Picture
November 10, 2020 - 21:47 / Lucas Anderson

Princess Diana's younger brother Charles Spencer has brought great joy to royal fans and those who still hold dear the late Princess of Wales. On Twitter, Spencer shared a previously-unseen picture of himself as a child with his big sister Diana. Read on to see the touching family photo.

It's now been 23 years since Lady Diana (†36) tragically died in a car accident. But even today, royal fans still find great meaning in her life, and celebrate when unseen photos of the People's Princess are shared. Diana's younger brother, Charles Spencer, has once more unveiled a new photo of Diana — a childhood shot of the Spencer siblings.

Charles Spencer shares childhood photo of Princess Diana

The picture, shared on Twitter, shows Diana and Charles standing next to each other, with the older sister placing an arm around her little brother. Lady Diana wears a striped dress in pink and white in the snapshot.

As Daily Mail research has revealed, the picture is from 1967. Accordingly, Diana and Charles would be around six and three years old.

New Lady Diana picture sparks joy for Twitter royal fans

Although Spencer posted the memory without a caption, his Twitter followers shared many kind words about the late mother of Prince Harry and Prince William.

"I miss her. Loved reading about her, seeing her smile, her clothes. Just wanted her to find happiness," one user wrote. "Your sister was such a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart and soul, she is still very much missed by us all," read another comment.

With the childhood photo, Charles Spencer appears to have made the day of fans of the late Lady Diana. The 56-year-old earl also recently made headlines for demanding an inquiry into the connections behind his sister's infamous BBC interview—the origins of which have come under scrutiny in recent weeks.