On Monday, US President Donald Trump (72) was invited by Queen Elizabeth II for a State Banquet at Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth II (93) proved once again how much she has perfected her job in recent years.

Queen Elizabeth II: A secret message for Trump?

Smiling, she welcomed Trump, emphasized the good relationship between Great Britain and the US at dinner. The Queen, as always, presented herself very professionally. Although the Queen is always politically neutral, she also gave Trump a side blow - hidden behind her choice of jewelry.

It has been revealed that the tiara the Queen wore to the banquet has an interesting story. The Queen received the Burmese Ruby and Diamond Tiara a wedding present from the people of Burma, the inhabitants of today's Myanmar.

As reported by Harper's Bazaar, the jeweler Garrard has explained in a press release that the "96 rubies are a symbolic gesture, as rubies in Burmese culture protect from illness and evil, in this case to protect the wearer from the 96 diseases that can afflict humans."

Was that maybe payback by Queen Elizabeth II for President Trump and Melania NOT bowing and curtsying upon their arrival at Buckingham Palace on Monday? The rumor mill is still going...