The Crown's depiction of Princess Diana's relationship with Prince Charles and the Royal Family is drawing in enormous viewing numbers on Netflix. After this raving success for season 4, the streamer reportedly may not be ready to let the series go after six seasons — at least not until it covers the adult lives of Prince William and Prince Harry.

According to a royal expert, the streamer is looking at expanding the timeline so more seasons can address the complicated history of the princes and their married lives.

Netflix expanding The Crown to Prince Harry & Prince William?

According to Scobie, author of Harry and Meghan biography Finding Freedom, Netflix is rumoured to be looking at expanding The Crown into adulthood for Prince William and Prince Harry—who were depicted as small children in season 4.

The Crown: Baby Prince William with Princess Diana (Emma Corrin)

According to the royal insider, the streamer is rethinking plans of ending at season 6, instead prolonging the show so it can portray the present-day friction between the sons of Charles and Diana, and their lives with Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan.

"Despite reports that it would stop before William and Harry grow up, I've heard rumors that Netflix is ​​even talking about the possibility of the show being extended," Scobie mentioned on his podcast The Heirpod.

The Crown will end with season 6—for now

The belief has always been that The Crown would conclude just as William and Harry enter adulthood, a sentiment repeated by creator Peter Morgan multiple times. But, according to Scobie, Netflix's plans could change in the aftermath of season 4's mass popularity.

Prince William and Prince Harry's stories to feature on The Crown?

"If you think about how much controversy this current season has caused, it will be present in the life of the royal family for some time," Scobie added on his podcast.

But for now, The Crown is still confirmed to end at season 6—itself already an extension on the initially-announced five seasons. For the next two seasons, Imelda Staunton, Jonathan Pryce, Lesley Manville and Elizabeth Debicki take over to portray Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Princess Margaret and Lady Diana, respectively.

Season 4 also caused the most blowback from royals themselves, as Prince William was reportedly "furious" with it and Charles Spencer, Diana's brother, spoke out against it.