Kate Garraway had the opportunity to interview the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for the Pride of Britain Awards but she also had a personal connection with the Royals. Prince William and Duchess Kate shared some very sweet and supportive words for the Good Morning Britain presenter.

Kate Garraway Meets The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway had the incredible opportunity to interview Prince William and Duchess Kate for the Pride of Britain Awards. The Duke and Duchess presented the award to a few NHS heroes who have been fighting on the frontlines of the pandemic. Now Kate Garraway has opened up to what she spoke about personally with the Royals.

Kate explained to the Prince and Duchess what her experience has been like since her husband was admitted to the hospital and put in an induced coma back in April due to COVID-19. She opened up to the pair about how difficult it has been for her and her family, especially considering her children cannot even see her husband.

Kate Garraway and Derek Draper attend Piers Morgan's Christmas Party in London. DECEMBER 19th 2019.

The strong mother of 14-year-old Darcey and 11-year-old Billy has returned to work in hopes of some normalcy for her and her family and to keep strong for the little ones. William told Kate, "You are doing amazingly though. If it wasn't for social distancing we would both give you a hug." According to Hello!, both the Duke and Duchess were visibly touched by Kate's experience. 

Duchess Kate told the GMB host, "I think you're amazing to do this as I know you've had such a hard time yourself." According to The Mirror, Kate told the Duchess, "I think we are all doing okay but it's very difficult because you can't visit that often and the children haven't got to visit Derek. And I think that's a huge pressure for everyone - mental and physical health."

The 3 connected on what it was like to see a loved family member suffer through the illness, William said, "My father had it really early on." Kate Garraway expressed her deep gratuity to the Royals on Good Morning Britain for allowing her to take part in such a special moment for the country.

Kate Garraway On Meeting Prince William and Duchess Kate

Kate told her co-host this morning, "I got to spend a bit of time with them because they were giving their time," and that it was "a great honour for me, I got to spend a bit of time with them." "They were taking part in something for Pride of Britain on ITV on November the first, it's really moving." Ranvir Singh explained to GMB viewers, "Because of course, we can't have the big even like we would normally have." 

Big-hearted Kate replied, "We can't have the big live event with the red carpet and all of that, they're doing it slightly differently this year, but it's very, very moving and they're involved in that."

Best of luck to Kate and her family.